OneAzon Review

Coming soon – a review of one of my software projects, OneAzon, which adds Amazon Affiliate products and links to your WordPress blog.


“What a great idea! I love how you always figure out new ways to make sites more user friendly as well as more lucrative for webmasters! GREAT plugin!” – Laura Childs

“This brings the “would you like fries with that” concept to Amazon Affiliates. Think about it, whenever you buy something like a laptop for example, you need accessories like a laptop bag or sleeve, maybe a mouse. This makes great sense and I can’t wait to make use of it!” – Shalini Gupta

“This is really awesome plugin. Fast and easy generate a multiproduct post, as a bundle. And , as I just ‘ve seen it for the first time and have been able to use it and get results. Its really extremely newbie friendly. Recommended!” – Piotr Flakowski